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How Gen AI Creative Drove More Viewer Attention Than Base Creative


Contextual advertising company Seedtag and its client, glass bottle manufacturer O-I Glass, wanted to know how its base creative performed against generative AI-enhanced creative, as well as comparing how its base creative performed in contextual environment vs non-contextual? 

O-I Glass wanted to know how its base creative performed against generative AI-enhanced creative

Key Takeaways

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Greater Attention to Gen AI

Viewers paid more attention to the Gen AI enhanced creative when shown in a contextual environment  

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Greater Brand Presence

Clearly visible, early branding is critical for Brand Recognition. Specially in environments where the creative is competing for attention with other elements 

Colour Contrast Matters

Given size of mobile screens, contrasts in colour and imagery has an impact on how easily content is processed


The Gen AI enhanced creative version captured significantly more attention than the original creative (16% more attentive seconds and 22% more attentive view-through rate (VTR)). Both creatives suffered poor brand recognition because a small logo only appears after 5 seconds.  

The original creative generated significantly more unconscious facial reactions, which was mainly due to a peak in frowning when the text appears. Subtle differences in color saturation and focal points may make one image easier to process than the other. 

When viewed in environments, the Instagram story had higher attentive seconds (9%) and attentive VTR (48%) than the version viewed on It also had higher brand recognition (183%) and ad recognition (57%) although both figures were lower than expected for a generic Instagram story. 

Creative Non-AI

Creative Using Gen AI

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Realeyes used its PreView solution to show users representing the general population the two creatives in two placements: an Instagram Stories video ad and on The ads were seen by over 150 viewers.


O-I Glass and Seedtag feel more comfortable experimenting with Gen AI, given that viewers paid more attention to it than the base creative. They’ve also considered introducing the logo earlier in future creative to improve brand recognition. 

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