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Unlocking Creative Testing at Scale: Replacing EEG for PreView


Church & Dwight Co., a global manufacturer of household products, needed a new video-testing solution when the COVID-19 pandemic made its in-person electroencephalogram (EEG) testing solution impractical. Church & Dwight sought more agility and scale to test every video, not only high-stakes ones. 

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Church & Dwight piloted Realeyes with a vitamin brand, testing attentive and emotive response to video ads using two spokespersons. The legacy spokesperson was costly, and her brand was eroding. The new spokesperson was less costly spokesperson, but her brand value unknown.

Church & Dwight sought more agility and scale to test every video


Quality Scores between both spokespersons were near equal at 5.0 and 5.5, with most sub-scores near equal. The brand consequently saved costs by contracting the lesser expensive one. Church & Dwight activated 10 more brands to systemize version testing and attention measurement globally. 

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How Concept Testing Increased Creative Performance by 25%

Early testing immediately surfaced the strongest performing creative, avoiding the costly path of producing underperforming concepts.

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Teads Harnesses Attention to Drive Advertiser Success​ & Publisher Revenue

Teads unlocked insight across hundreds of brand campaigns creating $10 in additional media sales for every $1 invested in Realeyes.