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How It Works

Privacy-safe computer vision AI for creative and media intelligence

Using the front-facing camera of opted-in viewers, attention levels, facial expressions and behavioral actions (skip, scroll, swipe) are captured as they naturally experience your content on their own device, within your choice of media platforms – at home ‘in the wild.


Place Order

Video(s) are uploaded along with test criteria and business objectives.

Upload files to cloud


Recruit Panel

Respondents are recruited to specification and an automated ID check is used to guarantee panel quality.  


Facial Coding & Interactions

Test creative is played amongst clutter videos within the context of the desired platform environment. Attention levels and facial reactions are measured along with  behavioral data: skips, scrolls & swipes.



Post exposure, respondents are given multiple-choice questions for Ad Recall, Brand Recognition and Persuasion.


Results Delivered

All respondent data is aggregated with actionable results typically ready within 3 days (depending on project complexity).

Test TV, Platforms & Ad Formats

Sample audiences view your ad creative within desired media contexts

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Logo - TikTok
Logo - Instagram
Logo - X
Logo - Snap!
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Self Service
The fastest way to measure, predict and increase digital creative effectiveness

20 videos / $25k

50 videos / $42.5​k

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Dedicated AI experts to prescribe action
  • Results in 3 hours


Managed Service
We analyse your results and identify the insights that will be most valuable to your campaign.

1 video / $4k

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Custom surveys and responder targeting
  • Presentation-ready reports


Integrate emotionAI
Plug in to enable your apps,digital experiences and reports torecognise and report emotion.

Custom pricing

  • AI-powered measurement of emotion and attention
  • Technical set-up support

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We enable brands, publishers and agencies to move fast and efficiently to maximize their return on ad spend