Using computer vision and machine learning, we measure how people feel as they view your content online through their webcam.

Set the brief

Upload your own or competitor images, GIFs or videos at any stage of its life-cycle. Generally, we source a sample audience of 300 viewers based on your campaign objectives.

Collect data

We measure the attention, emotions and sentiment of your sample audience as they watch your content on their own device at home. You can even ask brand lift survey questions too.

Get results

Delivered to the dashboard within 24 hours (depending on the sample), enabling you to slice and dice your audience data to see how different segments responded.  

Act on insight

Reports are crafted by our team of highly-experienced marketing professionals who distil your results into valuable insights you can act on with confidence.

Want the scientific detail?

Our white papers cover the science behind our technology in greater depth - how we teach computers to recognize audience's emotions and their attention levels.