EmotionAll® Score

An EmotionAll® Score gives you an instant snapshot of your video's performance, enabling you to predict social media activity, influence media distribution decisions and inform your campaign strategy wherever you are in your campaign.

Instant Performance Results

Before reviewing any of the charts, a percentage tells you how well your video has performed against every other video within the Realeyes database.

The Score

The 1 to 10 score is based on the composite of four metrics:

  • Attraction (20%)
  • Retention (30%)
  • Engagement (20%) 
  • Impact (30%)

The higher the score, the better the social performance of the video.

The Histogram

Using a traffic light system of red being poor and green being good, the histogram illustrates how well your video scored against all content tested within the database. The majority of videos naturally have an average score, whereas the minority are at the end of each scale.


This metric denotes whether the video manages to grab the audience's attention by measuring the peak in surprise within the first 8 seconds of viewing. Ranked from 1 to 10, all scores are relative to the peak level in the database.


Measured by the peak of happiness throughout the video, Retention represents how well the video maintains the attention of its audience.


This metric indicates the overall emotional reaction to the video, reflected in the peak level of engagement reached throughout the video.


Content with the high peak of happiness at the end of the video has the biggest impact on an audience. This metric is based on Daniel Kahneman's peak-to-end rule, that the impression left by an advert is determined by the emotions evoked at its peak and at the end. It is the average of the peak happiness value and the end happiness value - the higher that value (peak + end) / 2. The more memorable the positive impression left by the video.