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LinkedIn Head of Media: You Must Have an Attention Strategy

“If you don’t have a strategy to optimize for attention in advertising, you shouldn’t do advertising.”

Don’t take our word for it; the above is a verbatim quote from Paolo Provinciali, Head of Paid Media Strategy & Operations, at LinkedIn. He should know a little something about advertising, considering LinkedIn advertising revenues are expected to surpass $4B in 2022.

LinkedIn, like all other social networks and publishers, are increasingly looking to validate the efficacy of ads on their platforms. Paolo recently published a must-read blog on attention, where he discussed how brands can optimize for human attention in advertising and how that helps them achieve better outcomes.

Attention is, of course, a hot topic taking up significant real estate at recent events like MAD//Fest and the I-COM Global Summit; we shared results from our recent award-winning attention work with Mars, Incorporated at both events.

That’s because many advertisers realize that if their audiences are not paying attention, nothing else matters.