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Revisiting COVID Vaccination PSA Effectiveness as School Opens Up

When we released our Vaccine ad report in June, there was a little bit of optimism that come the beginning of the 2021 school year, the world would collectively be in much better shape. However, the Delta variant surge and too many vaccine hesitant or skeptics have meant many countries are still far away from herd immunity, and some cities are experiencing hospital overloads and dramatic rises in deaths.  

Dell Technologies, Realeyes discuss attention and emotion AI

We were pleased to be featured in a Dell Technologies story about attention and artificial emotional intelligence (AEI), the field we are pioneering.

The author nailed the premise: that AEI and “perspective analytics” could revolutionize marketing. While our main goal is helping advertisers avoid wasteful spending, we also want to make life more productive and happier for consumers, a point the author immediately grasped. When ads are meaningful to the audiences they reach, both advertisers AND consumers are happier.

Digiday Pays Attention to Realeyes’ Pioneering Technology

Digiday recently got the memo that attention is in. Their article cited Realeyes as a major influence on the power of attention, alongside some of our competitors. Our VP marketing and growth Max Kalehoff discussed how attention transcended viewability, especially for CPG brands and others that have latent sales cycles.

Attention answers more meaningful questions beyond – did someone see your ad – towards business intelligence – did it capture and retain someone’s attention? And Realeyes can go even further than that by answering these valuable questions: Did it provoke an emotional response? And did it provoke the right emotional response?