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Dell Technologies, Realeyes discuss attention and emotion AI

We were pleased to be featured in a Dell Technologies story about attention and artificial emotional intelligence (AEI), the field we are pioneering.

The author nailed the premise: that AEI and “perspective analytics” could revolutionize marketing. While our main goal is helping advertisers avoid wasteful spending, we also want to make life more productive and happier for consumers, a point the author immediately grasped. When ads are meaningful to the audiences they reach, both advertisers AND consumers are happier.

Realeyes Surpasses Industry Standards for Understanding Attention & Emotion

Improved Classification System Surpasses Major Technology Providers and Academic Benchmarks For Facial Coding

Realeyes is known for building advanced marketing software, though at our core we are one of the most advanced computer vision and emotion AI companies in the world. Our technology now incorporates more than 615 million emotion labels across more than 3.8 million video sessions to provide more nuanced insights into emotional impact. It’s not surprising that fully two-thirds of our colleagues are in product, engineering and R&D 

Why CMOs Are Blind to 90% of Their Content Experience

It is best practice — and common — for marketers to pre-test human response of their premium video content. That typically includes big event-driven “tentpole” TV spots, like Super Bowl ads, and evergreen content that is designed to be relevant for a long period of time.