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How to Pull Off a 75-Person Company Offsite in VR

In December 2020, Realeyes employees from all over the world gathered for the company’s annual offsite meeting. In previous years, this event has brought together our teams from offices in London, Tokyo, Boston, and Budapest, to meet at an exciting destination for several days of collaboration, connection, and teambuilding. This year was no different – with one notable exception. 

Animation of Realeyes VR Summit

Best and Worst UK Christmas Ads for Audience Attention

The competition for consumer attention is fierce leading up to Christmas. It’s crucial to have a campaign that attracts highly distracted audiences, which is why brands spend millions on media space. The pandemic has created a backdrop of caution, along with a host of logistical challenges, but advertiser’s creativity could’t be locked down.

Why Attention in Advertising Is Your Best Path to Sales

Performance and direct-response advertising have become a vital piece of advertisers’ marketing efforts. Why? They immediately link to sales.

But there’s a problem. This type of advertising doesn’t help brands build awareness and grow in the long run.

Advertisers invest much of their time and resources in massive and time-consuming rear-view market studies, making them inefficient when it comes to decision-making or planning. Also, while performance proxies like ROAS are incomparable due to dissimilar attribution windows, CPMs are incompatible because ad formats vary. Finally, brand-lift studies and media effectiveness are often relying on self-reported metrics like surveys which are frequently misused and crude proxies at best.