Presenting Award-Winning Attention Measurement Tool at MAD//Fest

“ATTENT!ON, ATTENT!ON, ATTENT!ON” the bear cries from this year’s MAD//Fest. Attention is on every advertiser’s agenda, which is why Realeyes is proud to be part of the UK’s boldest, disruptive, and most distinctive advertising event this July 5 – 7 in Shoreditch, London.

Realeyes Presentation at the ARF [WATCH]

As our VP of marketing Max Kalehoff wrote in his recent Forbes piece, the growing attention to attention is great for the advertising industry.

That’s why he was excited to share our research at the ARF’s AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2021 conference. And if you missed the event, you can catch the entire presentation below.

We feature the Attentive Reach advertising model and reveal groundbreaking early data from our live mobile attention tracking system.

For example, Mobile apps can have 80% more attention than ads on linear TV. And YouTube has 4.4 times the attention market share of all FB products combined during our preliminary study.

How to Pull Off a 75-Person Company Offsite in VR

In December 2020, Realeyes employees from all over the world gathered for the company’s annual offsite meeting. In previous years, this event has brought together our teams from offices in London, Tokyo, Boston, and Budapest, to meet at an exciting destination for several days of collaboration, connection, and teambuilding. This year was no different – with one notable exception. 

Animation of Realeyes VR Summit

Why CMOs Are Blind to 90% of Their Content Experience

It is best practice — and common — for marketers to pre-test human response of their premium video content. That typically includes big event-driven “tentpole” TV spots, like Super Bowl ads, and evergreen content that is designed to be relevant for a long period of time.