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Attention is the Metric We’ve Been Waiting For

Mike Follett’s lengthy career in media planning now helps LUMEN perfect its media attention measurement. He chatted with Realeyes about the importance of combining creative and media attention, why A/B tests are the best way to optimize for attention, and how attention helps to create bigger, better memories.

Being a Trailblazer in Attention Creates a Competitive Advantage

Paolo Provinciali, head of paid media strategy and operations, Linkedin is a big advocate for using advertising metrics to demonstrate specific business outcomes. He previously worked as VP of media and data at AB InBev and Global Lead, Performance Marketing Strategy, Media Lab at Google. He spoke with Realeyes about how the attention journey mirrors the process it took to adopt the MRC viewability standard, why media and creative attention are equally important, and what it will take for the buy and sell side to align around incentives.

Attention Helping Determine Quality of an Impression

Angelina Eng has over 25 years of digital media, marketing and operations experience, focusing on helping agencies and brands to define, build and manage digital media and marketing efforts. At the IAB, she helps advertisers, publishers, ad tech and data companies improve measurement and attribution approaches to digital media and marketing activities. She discussed the different types of attention metrics and why companies must make sure their data privacy policies are in order.

Attention Industry Needs to Move Upstream to Content Creation

In his illustrious career, Bill Harvey has consistently advanced the field of advertising measurement towards better metrics tied to more specific business objectives. He is specifically a huge proponent of analyzing creative to effectively maximize attention. He is currently chairman of Research Measurement Technologies, which provides a system for maximizing the positive context effects of advertising.