Heineken – ‘Dropped’

Discover how Heineken’s media partner Verizon, found which content resonated most with the target audience to help guide a more efficient media spend.

LG – ‘Stage Fright’

LG’s media partner Verizon commissioned Realeyes to test ‘Stage Fright’ to ensure that it resonated with their younger demographic across the US and UK.

Coca-Cola – ‘WOAH’

Vice’s creative agency Virtue, conducted robust large scale content testing for Coca-Cola’s “Where Only Awesome Happens” – discovering what assets to drop and which markets were most effective.

CokeTV – ‘BucketList’

CokeTV were ready to launch their #CokeTVBucketList YouTube channel – wanting to ensure that it grabbed and retained a young audience’s attention whilst outshining the competition.

Optimizing for Attention to Increase Creative Efficiency

Challenger Food Brand Optimizes Creative Attention to Increase Efficiency 60%

A global challenger food brand sought to improve campaign performance and drive business insights through continuous pre-launch and in-market creative attention testing.