Mihkel Jäätma

Mihkel is the CEO of Realeyes. An ambitious entrepreneur and a visionary, he saw an opportunity for emotion analytics before “big data” was even coined.

Mihkel Jäätma is CEO of Realeyes, the emotion tech company he co-founded in 2007 at Oxford University. After ten years of breakthrough R&D innovation, Realeyes is now the technology leader in emotion AI for marketing performance, providing unfiltered emotional responses from consumers to businesses. Combining the latest in computer vision, deep learning, and behavioral science has enabled Mihkel to secure multi-million partnerships with several of the world’s finest international brands, agencies, and media companies.

Mihkel is passionate about humanizing the big data that increasingly governs our daily lives. He sees it his mission to bridge the gap between the academic research into human emotions, the latest in machine learning, and actionable business applications.

Barry Coleman

An Operations, Talent, Culture and High-Performance Management guru, he joined the team to provide stability, maturity and experience to the team. He is tasked with scaling the global operations of the company.

Barry D. Coleman is a proven leader with successes in both start-up and high-tech environments, who is a big believer in the AI applications of Realeyes and the potential for significant continued innovation from it’s talented group of engineers, data scientists, researchers and customer facing team-members.

Barry brings over 20 years of Vice President and Senior Vice President level experience from tech companies like Irdeto and high-growth start ups like Loot Crate.  In addition, he has top executive experience with media, technology and private equity companies like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Technicolor and Platinum Equity. He has been an expert for topics in Culture, Talent, HR and Performance, but has also had highly successful stints as General Manager and SVP for IT.

Barry is passionate about creating and fostering culture-rich, high-performing business environments where people are the key differentiator in business success. He is an expert in International Business, having lived in 15 countries and worked in over 100.  Prior to his business experience, Barry was a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State with multiple postings

Joe Zahtila

Joseph M. Zahtila is a digital brand advertising leader with 10+ years’ progressive experience in sales, sales operations, and strategy. He is renowned for his expertise in the innovation and commercialization of advertising products, focusing on digital advertising, branding, mobile, advertising research, and integrated advertising.

Joseph regularly builds & leads global sales teams, as well as top-performing teams in data, products, and AdTech that design & develop innovative offerings driving revenue & organizational transformations. He has progressed from individual sales contributor to leadership roles requiring market insight, product knowledge, and the ability to anticipate and navigate shifting client needs and goals, often in ambiguous environments. 

Charlie Rowan

Charlie is Realeyes’ CFO based in London. He joins from Runpath, a Fintech company, which he saw through to successful sale to Experian.

Charlie has experience in fundraising, debt restructuring and M&A. Prior to Runpath, he worked in early stage Venture Capital house Spark Ventures, gaining experience on the other side of the fundraising fence.

Elnar Hajiyev

Elnar stands at the heart of Realeyes’ core technology and IT architecture, driving the company’s emotions tracking vision.

Elnar started coding at the age of 10 and built some of the first online shops in Azerbaijan. At 18, he created Azerbaijan’s first online beauty pageant, which got hundreds of thousands of hits, millions of TV viewers and extensive nationwide press coverage. He has also co-authored numerous academic publications, as well as been the recipient of several awards and prestigious scholarships. He went on to study for a fully-funded PhD in Computer Science at Oxford focused on database structures, which now form the essential foundation of our technology platform. 

During his PhD Elnar co-founded Semmle – working on big data analytics technology to provide business intelligence – and managed the company during its first few years before a fateful meeting with Mihkel led him to becoming one of the co-founders of Realeyes. He has built and now leads our Research & Development offices in Eastern Europe, and has been granted a US patent, with 6 more EU patents currently pending.

Martin Salo

In constant pursuit of technical excellence and innovation, Martin has helped make Realeyes the technology leader in webcam-based emotion measurement, used by publishers, agencies and Fortune 500 brands across the globe.

Deeming none of the available technology was good enough for emotions measurement, Martin worked with CTO Elnar to build the Realeyes platform from scratch. Martin’s unrelenting standards resulted in a product that combines easy usability and cutting-edge analytics, harnessing our industry-leading technology to the service of customer needs.

Martin wrote his first line of code at the tender age of 7; at 12 he created an app that was downloaded by tens of thousands of people; he founded his own successful digital creative agency and has been CIO for both Raunopol and Mothercare (Baltics) – all before the age of thirty.