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Diet Coke enters the Super Bowl ad line up with new flavors and a modern look.

Prior to a top secret 30-sec commercial that will air during the game, the brand has released five teasers, featuring up-and-coming actors representing millennials.

The new brand image reflects a transition in positioning from sleek and female to one that is gender-neutral, realistic, accessible, and younger. Threfore, the cast of the ad created by Anomaly LA, was chosen accordingly. In the past, Diet Coke chose top celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Holly Willoughby as its ambassadors, while this time the brand engages with emerging celebrities.

Coke_Gillian Jacobs.jpg

According to Daniel Henry, group director of integrated marketing content for Coca-Cola North America, “This is a carefully curated cast of up-and-coming actors who are starting to make their mark on culture and who reflect the attitude we want Diet Coke to convey.”

Super Bowl 2018 Rankings

As featured in Marketing Week, we partnered with Lucid to bring you the definitive ranking of the most emotionally engaging videos of the Super Bowl LII. We tested over 70 ads with 5,000 US viewers.

While many brands chose to make a more political statement last year, they lost out to those ads that entertained with humor and it looks like that lesson was learned because all of the leading ads set out to make viewers laugh. Celebrities who let their guard down was also a significant dimension to this year’s crop of successful ads. 


Super Bowl 2018: The best and worst ads

The Philadelphia Eagles may have won the game, but how did the ads do out in the field?

As featured in Marketing Week, we partnered with Lucid, to bring you the best and worst ranking emotionally engaging videos of 2018’s Super Bowl. Using Lucid’s Fulcrum marketplace, we tested over 75 videos with 5000 viewers watching the Super Bowl ads. Ads were rated across four metrics – attraction, retention, engagement and impact – to give an overall 1 out of 10 ‘EmotionAll’ score with a percentage rating of all the videos tested within the Realeyes database. 

The Winners and Losers From Super Bowl 2018

We only have weeks to go until the 53rd Super Bowl kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia.

There’s no doubt that this year’s Super Bowl Sunday promises to be a bruising affair. However, the fiercest competitors won’t be wearing helmets and pads.

With brands splashing out over $5million for a 30-second spot, the action will be just as intense and fierce off the field as on it.

Which brand will be the talk of this year’s Super Bowl? Well, we are going to have to wait and see. At Realeyes, we are going to be testing all of the spots from this year’s Big Game using our face-reading AI technology to see which ad was the most engaging.

This year’s spots will be scored on how much attention they attract, the depth of emotional engagement they attract and how positive viewers were about the creative to assess which brand will walk away with the 2019 Super Bowl crown. It certainly promises to be closely-fought contest, with many big brands already putting their hats into the ring.

But before we look ahead to this year, we thought we would take a look back at last year’s brand battle to see what it takes to become a Super Bowl champion.

Super Bowl LII Thumbnails

Last year saw many brands stay away from the political messaging that had characterised the 2017 Super Bowl, as they instead opted to go for the more traditional Super Bowl fare of funny ads. The result was some truly memorable spots from brands such as Tide and Amazon. But which ads topped our chart?

Well, to establish the winners and losers from last year we tested over 70 ads on 5,000 US viewers.

Ads were rated across four metrics – attraction, retention, engagement and impact – to give an overall 1 out of 10 EmotionAll® score with a percentage rating of all the videos tested within the Realeyes database.

The results are below. Is your favourite there?