Jan Harley

My passion is working with entrepreneurs and helping small teams of people create successful businesses. I trained as an electronics Engineer, but spent the first half of my career in local, and regional sales and marketing roles within Unilever. I switched to venture capital in 2002, and I have over 17 years of investment experience. My focus is on investing in digital technology driven companies focussing on innovative enterprise and direct to consumer solutions.

Singularity Venture Advisers supports a small number of high growth technology driven companies to achieve commercial success in the markets in which they operate. 

Maja Pantic

Maja Pantic helps Realeyes to ensure the latest cutting edge research techniques are applied to Realeyes’ facial features tracking methodology and to bridge the gap between commercial and academic research into human emotions.

She also advises the company on the overall R&D strategy and implementation. She is Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing at Imperial College London, and at the University of Twente. She heads the i-BUG group: the world’s biggest and one of the most renowned specialised research groups in machine analysis of human non-verbal behaviour and its applications to HCI. Prof. 

Pantic has published more than 150 technical papers in the areas of machine analysis of facial expressions, machine analysis of human body gestures, audiovisual analysis of emotions and social signals, and human-centered HCI. She has more than 7300 citations to her work, and has served as the Key Note Speaker, Chair and Co-Chair, and an organisation/program committee member at numerous conferences in her areas of expertise.


Jeffery Cohn

Jeffrey Cohn advises Realeyes on all aspects of human psychology and affective behaviour, focusing particularly on identifying and interpreting new affective states and behavioural patterns.

He is an internationally renowned, frequently cited and highly respected Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

He leads interdisciplinary and inter-institutional efforts to develop advanced methods of automatic analysis of facial expression and prosody; and applies those tools to research human emotion, social development, non-verbal communication, psychopathology, and biomedicine. He has served as Co-Chair and member of numerous international conferences and has co-edited special issues of the Journal of Image and Vision Computing and IEEE Transactions in Affective Computing.

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